Thursday, May 29, 2008

service learning may 28

During our last service learning we searched the web for places to go to get toys and books with an affordable price. We also talked about how we're going to get some more ice cream and water ice for our next sale. That what we did at our last service learning meeting.


In English class we have to be the teachers and teach the class a lesson about stories talking about authors life, symbols, and more. My partner and i chose to do the authors life and show it to the class. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

of Mice and Men Test

Test: Of mice and Men


1. What factors would I change if I directed the film? I wouldn’t change anything really but one thing that I would is try to get curly’s wife point across on how lonely she is. You would go crazy if you only could talk to one person and that person is mean. You would be so happy just by talking to anybody you could talk with. They failed to show how desperate she really was, they made her seem like she wanted every man that crossed her path in the film and book. She just wanted to get to know them, talk to them just wanted to be friends.

2. What question’s would I ask of Lennie? I would ask him how do he feel when call him dumb, stupid, and other things like that, does it hurt him. Does it make him angry? I would ask Lennie these types of questions. I would ask George questions to, to see if Lennie’s any kind of burden to him or does Lennie make him happy that hes with him.

3. Could this have happened in today’s world? I think so because if somebody’s mentally challenged and don’t know their strength its possible that somebody can die or get hurt just the way the puppy and Curly’s wife did.

4. Do you know another instance where Lennie have done wrong? Yes Lennie have behaved badly three times in this film. The first was when they had to leave Weed for touching a girls dress. Another is when he killed the puppy. The last is the biggest one because that’s when he killed Curly’s wife, but all of his wrongdoing wasn’t want he planed to do they wasn’t in a bad manner. They were accidents and didn’t know what to do so he panicked and killed the puppy and Curly’s wife.


1. What do you see as other possible outcomes? I see as another outcome to the film and book is that George and Lennie could have run off together again like they did in Weed and find another farm or something to work at.

2. Which events could have happened when George found Curly’s wife? George could have put Curly’s wife next to a horse to make it seem like she was kicked by the horse and broke her neck like that instead of Lennie doing it, it could have been the horse.

3. What are some of the problems of George and Lennie’s relationship? Is that George can’t really have fun because he have to take care of Lennie and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble. It was like having a child you have to give hem your full attention and George didn’t like that idea that much.

4. What were some of the motives behind George killing Lennie himself? He did that because I think that he should do it instead of somebody who doesn’t care or loved him. He figured if he did it, it would be peaceful instead of him dying by some barbarian who didn’t give a damn about him. So he did it.

5. What was the turning point in the game is that Lennie had to get himself into trouble by killing Curly’s wife. If he didn’t do that they could have finally lived peacefully instead of running from town to town. They could save their money up and finally get that farm that they wanted. They can’t do that because Lennie had got into some more trouble and that dream came to an end.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Friday Service Learnig

on fridays service learning we talked about how we can improve selling ice cream and water ice because it was unorganized on friday when we sold it so we want to improve it for the next time we sale ice cream and water ice again

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Service Learning

Last weeks meeting went very well we picked roles for what we are going to do for fridays ice cream and water ice sales. Me and some others are going to do the posters.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Empire of The Sun


Empire of The Sun

During the movie Empire of The Sun, there was a lot of character development especially in the main character Jamie (Jim).

First of all before the War Jim was caring, gentle to the homeless people that he seen. Jim had really felt sorry for them because they were not living the life that he was. But on the other hand Jim was a real “brat” to his Nanny. When it was time for him to go to sleep and his mother told him he can’t have any more food that night, he told the Nanny to make him something to eat, if she didn’t do as he say he was going to tell on her. The way Jim acts comes from him being a spoiled little rich kid that gets what he wants, never starved or lived on the streets always had it good. That’s where Jim’s behavior came from in the beginning of the movie.

During the War Jim had changed a lot for instance Jim was more knowing of things around him.He knew better not to do certain things that would get him killed. But during the war Jim was very dependent on others such as always staying around Baise, or The Victors who shared a room with him which he though of them kind of like his parents. He knew a lot about The War and airplanes, which the Jap’s (Japanese) had. He wanted to fly one so he studied and learned more about them. This is how Jim was while the war was going on. He was dependent on others but also knew how to survive.

After the war Jim was very Independent he took care of himself. Doing thing on his own, not as naive as he used to be. Jim stop believing what everybody told him. Jim became very caring again he made friends with one of the Jap’s (Japanese) air pilots who was the enemy at the time. He was just a much better person.The thing is that Jim is a survivor he survived the war, found his parents and had finally let go of Baise. He let go of Baise because he was no good he kept on feeding Jim lies that he would take him with them when the war was over, but he lied and left without him. Jim had grew up hes not that spoiled little na├»ve bratty kid any more, he’s an independent young man who survived The War.

This is the character development of Jamie (Jim). He changed a great deal first Jim was a very spoiled brat who didn’t listen to any one. Then he was dependent on others to take care of him. Finally he was a independent young man who survived a very big War.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Service Learning

During our meeting last thursday we talked about what we wanted to do. Like did we want to do C.H.O.P or Homeless Shelter. We decided to do both, but at different times like do C.H.O.P first and then do the Homeless Shelter.